In the words of one of the most incledible poet of my generation,

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” 

                                                                                    – Maya Angelou

So join me on my journey as I discover mine. But bear in mind I am only human, I have and will make a lot of mistakes. I have made them in the choice of how much to have on a night out with the girls, I have asked for my steak raw knowing I can’t stand raw steak, I have kissed some frogs and I have put too much salt in my fried rice one too many times, so why stop now? Heck, I am sure I have made and will make a lot of spelling mistakes on here too ….listen all am saying is I am an out-of-space-earthling; I m human. So enjoy my mistakes on here my little earthlings.. *Insert blushing closed eye looking emoji.


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