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Ten lessons I learnt in search of Telos

Telos is extracted from the Greek word τέλος which means “end”, “purpose“, or “goal”. The search for Telos has set man on an endless pursuit, a good example is the Greek philosopher, Aristotle who’s name coincidentally means “The best purpose”. He believed that man moves from an imperfect state to a perfect state in a… Continue reading Ten lessons I learnt in search of Telos

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Will Uganda survive Monsanto (GMO’s)?

Amidst of Uganda’s MPs swearing in, we wait patiently  for the parliament to release the budget for the financial year. While we play the waiting game, let’s talk agriculture in Uganda for a second. Statistics show that the agriculture sector on its own sustains up to three quarters of Uganda’s population, this same sector makes… Continue reading Will Uganda survive Monsanto (GMO’s)?

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When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that time again. Today is the day we Ugandans cast our votes for the next President; the next leader of our “not so free” country. For those of you that have been following the presidential campaign know that we had our first presidential debate this year. I use debate loosely… Continue reading When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.

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Clueless Stacey Dash strikes again.

Stacey Dash strikes again; for those of you who have not been watching Wendy Williams, following twitter, or basically do not care for what trends let me enlighten you. So the clueless actress, went on air and dared to deem black history month and BET unimportant. She said that she doesn’t see the importance of… Continue reading Clueless Stacey Dash strikes again.

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Who came up with New year’s Resolutions?

Ladies, gentlemen and my big eyed green creatures; 2015 is coming to an end in exactly three weeks, two day, one hour and forty five minutes from now (or rather from when I wrote this exact line). This only means we are closer to ringing in a new year (my prayers go out to those… Continue reading Who came up with New year’s Resolutions?

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The tree with multiple figs.

Your twenties are made up of ‘trial and error’. I look at this as life’s way of removing the training wheels that we had become accustom to. Just the other day two of my Uni friends got married and another has moved across the country to teach English in India. And when I asked them… Continue reading The tree with multiple figs.


Yes, they (Boko Haram) returned ‘some’of our girls. What next?

Earlier this November, it was reported that 241 women and girls who were captured by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram had been rescued. This is not the first successful rescue, May of this year had the first returns being 293 women and days later 234 with 91 percent of these women and girls turning… Continue reading Yes, they (Boko Haram) returned ‘some’of our girls. What next?

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Pictures and the thousand words.

Pictures are said to tell a thousand words. Photography is an art, it is a moment captured in time that can always be revisited. Susan Sontag, a former American writer and filmmaker, teacher and political activist once said; “All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality,… Continue reading Pictures and the thousand words.

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Faces of African Village.

During the end of the summer, I got a chance to travel back home for my lovely brother’s wedding which on a side note was AMAZING! However, that is not what I came on here to talk about. While I was home I got a chance to visit the African crafts and artifacts center called… Continue reading Faces of African Village.

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Creativity Vs Conforming.

About two months ago I went back home for one of the most blessed thing that has happened this year; my brother’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony which I shared with close family and was so grateful to be a part of. I was in Uganda for two glorious weeks of sun, traditional food,… Continue reading Creativity Vs Conforming.