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A very sorry tomorrow.

All we are is ‘very sorry‘ A very sorry generation With a very sorry tomorrow. It is amazing how mankind chooses to destroy the environment, Like they think generations from now there will be another planet to start afresh on, Maybe there will be. Maybe man will figure out how to survive on Marz, And… Continue reading A very sorry tomorrow.

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Regret: series 9

“As she sat, Front row seat of what was to be the peak of her granddaughter’s life, She watched as her flesh and blood ended the ballet, She smiled and shed a tear, She didn’t just cry because she was overcome with pride, She cried because she too was a girl with big dreams. She asked herself… Continue reading Regret: series 9


Love or Friendship, Series 7

As they sat across from each other, catching up over what felt like the 10th cup of coffee, she asked herself if he too had felt it, if he had felt the earth moving behind them while they discussed poetry and art. If he had felt the crowd disappear around them, while they talked about… Continue reading Love or Friendship, Series 7

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Switchfoot, Series 3

“After her second divorce, She went to find herself, Somewhere between India and the Philippines She traveled seas and lands and picked up different languages and cultures She believed that we were meant to live for so much more and asked herself if nicer men really were the only ones who got 2nd chances That was… Continue reading Switchfoot, Series 3

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The good wife, series 2

“All she ever saw was her father coming in at late hours of the night, Smelling like a bar and cheap perfume, And each time her mother opened the door for him. She couldn’t help but ask, Why her mother accepted such a fate, She questioned, Was she staying for the kids, Or for love?”… Continue reading The good wife, series 2


Breadcrumbs; Questions, Series 5

“As she sat down, staring at his keys in the door, she asked herself how she got here, how she sacrificed too much of herself, to the point that she didn’t know the girl that stares back at her in the mirror every morning. As she drowned out his loud chauvinistic tone smeared with lies and excuses,… Continue reading Breadcrumbs; Questions, Series 5