Short Stories

A Wallflower in the middle of a busy road.

Nambi sat at the bus stop waiting for her bus to arrive. She pulled out the tiny mirror that was gifted to her by her sister; she always carried in her purse now. She proceeded to looking at herself to see if there were any traces of African groundnut husks stuck in her teeth. She… Continue reading A Wallflower in the middle of a busy road.

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The true self vs the ego.

The ego; one of the most dangerous weapon known to mankind. Don’t get me wrong, a little ego adds a bit of spice to the sauce but let’s get real; how much is too much spice in this case ego. Queen Beyonce did sing about this back in 2008 where she stated that “Some call… Continue reading The true self vs the ego.

Short Stories

The moon after the wedding reception.

As a child we all used to think the moon was following us as we looked out the car window on the drive back home from one of mummy’s ‘boring wedding receptions‘ that she got invited to and forced us to tag along  because there was no one to watch us at home. Not only… Continue reading The moon after the wedding reception.

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Words aka Writer’s Block

Lately my words don’t come easy There seems to be a war in my mind And my words have been kept as prisoners, They are locked up in dungeons and chained to cold floors Starved and raped by rubbish TV reality shows Stripped of their creativity and forced to wear netted tights and stripper heels… Continue reading Words aka Writer’s Block

Short Stories

Lifestyle of the rich and famous

As she stood by her bedroom window watching her estranged husband of 25 years flirt with one of their young house keepers in their backyard, Elizabeth wondered why she had married him in the first place. Then she remembered how he moved her, only 20 years of age. She was a young aspiring writer and… Continue reading Lifestyle of the rich and famous