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The true self vs the ego.

The ego; one of the most dangerous weapon known to mankind. Don’t get me wrong, a little ego adds a bit of spice to the sauce but let’s get real; how much is too much spice in this case ego. Queen Beyonce did sing about this back in 2008 where she stated that “Some call… Continue reading The true self vs the ego.

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Will Uganda survive Monsanto (GMO’s)?

Amidst of Uganda’s MPs swearing in, we wait patiently  for the parliament to release the budget for the financial year. While we play the waiting game, let’s talk agriculture in Uganda for a second. Statistics show that the agriculture sector on its own sustains up to three quarters of Uganda’s population, this same sector makes… Continue reading Will Uganda survive Monsanto (GMO’s)?

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A very sorry tomorrow.

All we are is ‘very sorry‘ A very sorry generation With a very sorry tomorrow. It is amazing how mankind chooses to destroy the environment, Like they think generations from now there will be another planet to start afresh on, Maybe there will be. Maybe man will figure out how to survive on Marz, And… Continue reading A very sorry tomorrow.