Yes, they (Boko Haram) returned ‘some’of our girls. What next?

Earlier this November, it was reported that 241 women and girls who were captured by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram had been rescued. This is not the first successful rescue, May of this year had the first returns being 293 women and days later 234 with 91 percent of these women and girls turning… Continue reading Yes, they (Boko Haram) returned ‘some’of our girls. What next?

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Pictures and the thousand words.

Pictures are said to tell a thousand words. Photography is an art, it is a moment captured in time that can always be revisited. Susan Sontag, a former American writer and filmmaker, teacher and political activist once said; “All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality,… Continue reading Pictures and the thousand words.

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The side chick era.

Okay so I might have been a little harsh on Olivia the other week cause clearly she came back with some pretty extreme blows last week. I mean an abortion, teaming up with Fitz ex; Meillie and actually cutting off his balls all in the same episode!!! talk about extreme.  For those of you who… Continue reading The side chick era.

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The East Street Food experience.

Lately I have come to appreciate food. I like trying new things when it comes to food and I have taken it upon myself to try different cuisines and restaurants in London. Last week I decided to do exactly that as myself and a friend went to an East-Asian restaurant called East Street Food. This… Continue reading The East Street Food experience.

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How scary is Change?

Working in retail has always been okay while at University but what happens when you have graduated and four or so months later you are still working the same student retail job that you promised yourself you would leave after you graduate. I know, life gives you a reality check! When working a student job… Continue reading How scary is Change?


Being Mellie Grant

Scandal has been on  our TV screens for four years (and counting) and for most of the four years at least, I have followed Mellie Grant. She has been the side kick, Scandal’s first lady, the wife, the mother, Fitz’s (that no good of a man) pillow fluffer and a grieving mother. And through all of… Continue reading Being Mellie Grant

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Faces of African Village.

During the end of the summer, I got a chance to travel back home for my lovely brother’s wedding which on a side note was AMAZING! However, that is not what I came on here to talk about. While I was home I got a chance to visit the African crafts and artifacts center called… Continue reading Faces of African Village.

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Creativity Vs Conforming.

About two months ago I went back home for one of the most blessed thing that has happened this year; my brother’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony which I shared with close family and was so grateful to be a part of. I was in Uganda for two glorious weeks of sun, traditional food,… Continue reading Creativity Vs Conforming.

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A very sorry tomorrow.

All we are is ‘very sorry‘ A very sorry generation With a very sorry tomorrow. It is amazing how mankind chooses to destroy the environment, Like they think generations from now there will be another planet to start afresh on, Maybe there will be. Maybe man will figure out how to survive on Marz, And… Continue reading A very sorry tomorrow.

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Richard Musinguzi; Uganda’s very own Walter Elias.

Today as I was scrolling through my facebook news feed, I came across a BBC World interview with one of Uganda’s very own, Richard Musinguzi. For those of you who do not know Richard Musinguzi, he is one of the first Ugandan cartoonist to actually break borders. He is the creator of Katoto; a character… Continue reading Richard Musinguzi; Uganda’s very own Walter Elias.