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The true self vs the ego.

The ego; one of the most dangerous weapon known to mankind. Don’t get me wrong, a little ego adds a bit of spice to the sauce but let’s get real; how much is too much spice in this case ego. Queen Beyonce did sing about this back in 2008 where she stated that “Some call… Continue reading The true self vs the ego.


Dear Relationship/ Love Experts.

Dear relationship experts, why are you always addressing one party? I am trying to understand the logic behind articles like “How to get him” or “How to know he likes you” or “How to make sure he does not cheat”and my all time favorite “How to keep him”. How are women supposed to keep him,… Continue reading Dear Relationship/ Love Experts.

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The side chick era.

Okay so I might have been a little harsh on Olivia the other week cause clearly she came back with some pretty extreme blows last week. I mean an abortion, teaming up with Fitz ex; Meillie and actually cutting off his balls all in the same episode!!! talk about extreme.  For those of you who… Continue reading The side chick era.

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Switchfoot, Series 3

“After her second divorce, She went to find herself, Somewhere between India and the Philippines She traveled seas and lands and picked up different languages and cultures She believed that we were meant to live for so much more and asked herself if nicer men really were the only ones who got 2nd chances That was… Continue reading Switchfoot, Series 3

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Conversations with my little sister.

As she dangles on the kitchen counter she asks, “What is Love?” A girl, who will be turning sixteen next month But pretty much still a girl to me, With a curious heart and hormones that could probably fly her off a cliff, She looks right at me and asks me the one question I… Continue reading Conversations with my little sister.

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The City Wanderer

So as she made her way home from her 10 o’clock job interview in London she decided she might as well see the city before getting her train back to Birmingham. See she was a struggling business management graduate who was going through what she called “a graduate dry spell“. She had been looking for… Continue reading The City Wanderer

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The tale of the Scientist (realist) and the Artist (dreamer).

He asked her: Is there any evidence to support that you still exist? And even if there is, is it sound and valid? Is it concrete enough to prove that the air we all breathe in for survival is the same that u breathe? Or are u on Mars…Jupiter…Uranus? Tell me, where are u? And… Continue reading The tale of the Scientist (realist) and the Artist (dreamer).

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The Morning After, the Walk of Shame and the Cab ride home.

As she sat there in her under garments, with a glass of red wine and a Sidney Sheldon novel besides her; she couldn’t help but to stare. Stare at the vanilla scented candles burning by her dressing table and think of the night before. As if the morning cab ride back to her house was… Continue reading The Morning After, the Walk of Shame and the Cab ride home.