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Woke and in Transition.

Woke – A friend of mine called me this back in 2013. The first time I heard that word I automatically figured out what it meant, I didn’t need to ask my mate or go to the urban dictionary. But for those of you who do not know what this means,

Normal dictionary definition: Woke – past tense for wake

Urban dictionary: Woke – A state of perceived intellectual superiority one gains by reading and being aware of the social, political, economic and spiritual factors of life.

I know, what a pill to swallow being called “Woke”, like life is not hard already now I had to live up to this woke way of living, this expectation of knowing the ‘oh bigger than life’ type shit. Like my 20’s aren’t hard enough. It is so funny though, how back then in 2013 I thought I had a grip on life and somewhat cracked the code to this life and winning thing. I watched a Ted talk video once on something connected to this called “The art of being yourself” by Caroline McHugh and she was speaking my language in every point she put out (Youtube video clip of the ted talk below). If a light bulb does not go on after this then I do not know what will.

“The art of being yourself”… the first time I read the title while scrolling through my Ted talks clips, I was like “Not another one of these”, I was put off. But like some old white man sometime probably (hypothetically speaking) back in the 1800’s said, “Never judge a book by its cover” because I had my mind blown.
Anyone who knows me knows that this year I decided to change a lot of shit in my life, so when I saw this I swear it was like Caroline McHug’s mind had synced with mine even though it was just for a few minutes.

Transitioning: My favorite word so far in 2017, it symbolizes growth and adjustment that I have had to enforce on myself because sometimes it is easy to fall into comfort; into a state of being. This is also one of the things that the above clip talks about in detail, sometime it’s a choice other times its life’s circumstances that force you to get the show on the road; she called them “intervals of possibility”. Two of my high school friend’s dying early this year really did put a lot into perspective so here I am, going through an uncomfortable period of adjustment, forcing myself to grow and get back to the basics. So as Caroline sated;

If you could be the person (male/female) of your dreams, who would it be?

Ego Vs Self: Weirdly enough my last post was about this, I wrote it before I watched that Ted talk but my oh my how it resonates. Caroline McHug agrees with me that the ego is just as important when it comes to shaping who you turn out to be because it shades light on self-validation and love.

What do you think of yourself?

This is a very important question, it determines and sets a mark on how you carry yourself and who you are going to be. A stable healthy relationship with your ego works out well for your true self as it ends up serving you for the good, it builds confidence and who doesn’t draw towards confidence?

The self is a spiritual thing, it is who we truly are; naked. The self makes you question a lot of thing like;

Why do you exist?

What is your purpose on this earth?

These all work hand in hand, the ego, the self and knowing all this transcends a ripple effect which ends up leading you to being and loving yourself. That is how to get Woke.




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