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The true self vs the ego.

The ego; one of the most dangerous weapon known to mankind. Don’t get me wrong, a little ego adds a bit of spice to the sauce but let’s get real; how much is too much spice in this case ego. Queen Beyonce did sing about this back in 2008 where she stated that

“Some call it arrogance, I call it confidence”

Which has me questioning, is having a big ego that bad? Over the past few months, I have come to realize that everyone has two sides to them; their true self and their ego self. Their true self consists of family, love, creativity, spontaneity, free will power and self-awareness while their ego/ false self consists of pride, control, inconsistency, power, outside influences, people pleasing and validation. The battle between these two rhapsody realities is something that the human entity goes in and out of on a day to day basis. The human mind does not know when any of these realities will surface hence why you find that sometimes people are said to have “split personalities”.  I am not a psychologist but I have come to a realization over the years that it is normal for us as humans to fall in and out of these two realities within a given minute. As humans, we sometimes do it consciously and sometimes unconsciously too. So, this makes me question as Gen Y likes to put it,

How “real” are we as humans?

The battle between our true self and our ego self has and will continue to be an uphill one and neither of these two sides have won yet, at least when it comes to me as an individual. That is unless you are a robot programmed and designed with detailed specs and expectation, given that being either of these two consciousness’s is somewhat something next to impossible. One can argue that being your true self can actually mean you have to add a little swag to it, a little pitch of ego, a little “Amour propre“. I mean think about it,

How can you be self-aware and not be a little in love with yourself?

I happen to think the two sides (your real and false self) go hand in hand because the more you are aware of yourself, your surroundings, the kind of people you allow around you, the kind of sh!t you do and do not take; once you  are aware of all this, you become more in tune with your self-esteem and self-love which then leads you to doing great things; things that are bigger than yourself. Of course, this is only a theory I have come up with maybe spending too much time on an Island reflecting on my life has got me on some kind of trip but I feel like I could be on to something…. (see what am doing there? this is an exact example of the two-consciousness’s overlapping each other. And no, I am not on Mary Jane or Henny; I am writing this post with a clear conscious mind (Lol).

When I stated writing this post, my thought was to encourage self-awareness and to help people discover that their true self is more superior to the egotistic version of themselves but what I have come to realize that a hit of ego is just as important as the awareness of their true self. Obviously, this will vary to other individuals depending on who you ask, If you ask a monk/ Buddhist they will encourage you to shed the things of the world, to isolate ourselves and let go of our ego and self-contentedness/ self-love and discover our inner light and true self-awareness, but if you ask Kanye he will probably tell you

“I want to act “ballerific” like it’s all terrific”

Kanye West is a good example of an egomaniac, I mean in the start I appreciated his “fake it till I make it” mentality because it gave him that extra self-esteem I think to get out there and succeeded in what he was doing but now that he has made it, he is still stuck on that ego trip and is now flying auto pilot. I am a Kanye West fan through and through, the man really is a musical genius and even though he has somewhat lost the plot you cannot take that away from him. He just has to find his Shanti and pour it all over his egomaniac self. And with that being said, I want to end this off by saying balance in every aspect of your life is essential; at least for me as an Individual it is. Everything in life should be taken in doses, this is something am working on  and I just hope that this post brings some sense of balance to whoever is reading this. And on that note, I want to wish all my earthlings a bomb ass weekend.

Work on your Shanti but don’t forget to work on your your Kanye too. Namaste and all that good stuff.

With love,

Your Out of space earthling.



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