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Ugandan Girls discovering their Kinks, Curls and Nappy Naps

I have been natural since November 2012, and it has been a journey. I started with the BC  (Big Chop) with an inch left of hair. I have dyed it, cut it again, straightened it, cut it again due to heat damage, re grown it, faced the awkward stage, lost my edges due to weave plaiting, I have done Marley twists, Faux locs, yarn braids, the turban trend; name it all, I have done it. My mother keeps asking me if there is any hair style that I have not done, and my answer to her is NOPE. I am very adventurous with my hair and with this comes a lot of damage to both my scalp and hair. My hair journey has been both trying and exciting at the same time; and FYI I am still experimenting.

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I recently relocated but home and discovered that a lot of my African sisters have started embracing their natural kinks and it is amaaaaazing to watch. I have so far attended two natural hair expo + event and I am stunned at the numbers. When I first came back to Uganda in 2013, the numbers of naturals were minimal, and I somewhat felt a little alienated with girls whose Brazilian weaves went all the way to their backs and others whose weaves made these amazing bouncy curls.Fast forward three years later, girls have  long, short and mid curly kinks. It is truly amazing. I am truly excited as my we as black African women have started embracing our kinks, curls and  nappy naps we were born with. It is an amazing journey to be part of. After these natural hair events, I have recently started following two Ugandan natural hair lifestyle bloggers and activists. These being; twins on the move : and envirizanacho: click on these sites to view some of the amazing pictures taken last weekend from the Kinks and Kurls expo at Maria’s Place. It is amazing who you will find at such an expo, there are always authentic and creative souls who you will bound with easily as you already share something in common. Below are some of the pictures I found off the twins on the move website. Enjoy my natural earthlings.

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