Dear Relationship/ Love Experts.

Dear relationship experts, why are you always addressing one party? I am trying to understand the logic behind articles like “How to get him” or “How to know he likes you” or “How to make sure he does not cheat”and my all time favorite “How to keep him”. How are women supposed to keep him, like a man was meant to be kept, watched over like a dog or your grand mothers ruby necklace. I have always found these books and articles and seminars a bit chauvinistic and tedious, you can listen to a YouTube clip about this that will go around the said topic but won’t grab the bull by its horns.

I am a night owl, and on nights like tonight I stay up and read a novel or write a blog post that goes through a lot of screening before I deem it worthy to be published (a lot of hours have gone into unpublished posts). Anyway as I do all of this, I tend to listen to the late date on Sanyu FM; it soothes me so don’t judge me. On most nights as I listen in, the presenter always does one of two things; he reads out-loud listeners relationship problems and asks us to weigh in on how a certain love situation should be handled or/and sometimes plays us clips of well known love experts like ” Matthew Hussey” or reads cosmopolitan articles written by promiscuous twenty something men whose longest relationship in the past five years was a summer fling that lasted two months. Don’t get me wrong, the 20 year old clueless me did look up such articles like these. I always found them so telling then, so informative; I always thought I was a little enlightened after a scroll through six articles all pointing out to me “The 10 signs I need to look out for to know he likes you”. My best friend and I spent most of our morning after a date ticking off the list we got from a cosmopolitan article and would go on to screen the said subject to see if he was a good egg or nah; clueless I know!
So lets fast forward; It is midnight, I am half asleep when all of a sudden there it was again; a man on radio giving us ‘women’ the in tell, the run down on how to keep a man interested. This was not the first time I have heard a man give women advice on how to make a relationship work, How to keep it, how to transform and bend and broke your bones to fit into the check box of a perfect wife/girlfriend. This got me thinking, why is it always the woman supposed to shade her wings, work towards keeping a man when he is not working towards keeping her? Do not get me wrong, such information sometimes is valid, sometimes some women do not know how to act but why is it only the woman that should change ways about her? Why can’t a man also work his way towards her? Break a few bones, sweat a little blood, heck let him shit a few bricks too while he is at it. I mean after all a relationship consists of two people right?
My point is, I find it a little questionable that these relationship experts do not write articles and books on “How to get her” or “How to keep her interested” or even better “How to charm her into a relationship” something of such sorts. I mean women are queens too, they need to be lifted, they need a balance; they can’t run a relationship alone, carry the load alone; they need kings! It is not always about what women are doing wrong, it is mostly about what both sexes should be working towards together. So Dear relationship experts, preach to these men too ….we are so over #wastehertime2016 ,we are so over #F£@*Boys.


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