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Clueless Stacey Dash strikes again.

stacey-dash-wants-to-cancel-bet-black-history-month-lead.jpgStacey Dash strikes again; for those of you who have not been watching Wendy Williams, following twitter, or basically do not care for what trends let me enlighten you. So the clueless actress, went on air and dared to deem black history month and BET unimportant. She said that she doesn’t see the importance of celebrating black history of having channels like BET because these exact things are what separate black American from the rest of the people in the country. She believes that this secluded blacks, that she is American and shouldn’t be put in any racial category. How absurd, how unrealistic she is. This foot in mouth moment was a result of the “Oscar controversy” were actors and the american viewers were complaining that the oscars only favoured tje white actors, that the non-white actors were not appreciated. Honestly I had not thought about this that much. Grow in up in Africa, I had never thought of race as a big deal. This is only because most of the people I shared my space with were black. However, I knew the history. I knew that some of my ancestors were stolen from the motherland and put on ships to foreign lands to go work on cotton plantations and serve the white folk. Heck, being a black person this hurt me; I do not have to be American to understand the importance of black history month and enjoy BET.Stacey Dash might want to deny the fact that race is a big part of the day to day but that is a lie. We are not colour blind, we live in a world that very much sees colour; that knows the history. A lot of my friends might disagree and ask why black people and Hispanic people put so much weight on race factors. This is only because they do not experience racism. While doing my undergraduate, I worked at a bar in Soho and one time while engaging in friendly banter with my manager, she referred to one of our regular customers as “the coloured lady”. I was taken back, I didn’t know how to react; I asked myself if I should be offered or rubbish that derogatory term as a one off mis interpriration because I knew my manger, she was a lovely lady, she was nothing but kind to me. But looking back now I noticed a few things about her that suggested she was more empathetic towards me than kind. Empathetic of the fact that I am an African, a BLACK African. One time when I was talking about the summer I spent back home, she asked if I got around in Africa because in her mind she thought only the president had a car! I was shocked at how clueless and ignorant one could be. But how is she to be blamed for something she has not seen, not experienced. So as I watched Stacy Dash go on about the importance of being seen as an American and not a black American, I could not help but feel sorry for her; for her ignorance. When a black 8 year old kid is shot dead because they thought he had a real gun when instead he was playing with his toy gun, how is that not a judgement made on just his race? When a 16 year old black boy with a hoody walking from the corner shop with nothing but skiltles in his hand is chased down and killed a kilometre from his house because he looked dodgey, how is that not a race thing? Walking out the corner shop with a hoody, while black! It is utter nonsense to think that we are over race and that racism only leave in the past and in movies like “Roots”. It might not be intended, for a white cop to kill a black boy playing with a toy gun. It might not be seen as racial profiling but let’s be honest for a second, it is! Would a white boy be suspected to have a real gun if indeed he had a real gun? A white boy walks into a church and shoots and kills black folks but is later sent to a mental institue because CLEARLY he is sick and not a killer, a nice young White boy could not be a killer! However, if the shoe was on the other foot and it was a black teenager who had killed the nice white church going folk, he is a hood rat from the projects who needs to be kept far away from the public; gets life imprisonment. It is completely absurd, what Stacey Dash said, yes she is American but a lot has happened to the non-white American (like Ifuleme from Americanah would say) so Stacey Dash, do not try to make us uncomfortable for the blacks, hispanics and Asian actors and actresses who are asking for more diversity in Hollywood; to be seen and acknowledged. Weigh in my earthlings, what are your thoughts on this?


2 thoughts on “Clueless Stacey Dash strikes again.

  1. I am on a 50/50 stand about this. The issue of race is, to this day, a very sensitive one and I don’t think there’s a time in this life, that it won’t be.
    As much as I believe that it is very important, I don’t think it’s a reason for us to not move forward from certain things, just because, ‘race’.
    On one hand, I agree with you and the world, saying that Stacey’s comments were rather…’foolish’. She is black, we are black, white, Asian, Hispanic, whatever, and we won’t ever be able to be anything else. We should not ever forget that; celebrating black history and having our own media platforms, etc are great achievements, considering where we come from. We need all these things, to remember who we are, where we came from and figure out a way of moving forward.
    However, we cannot move forward if we keep looking back all the time.
    There is more to people than their history.

    1. I see what you mean and I am all for it. We need to move on, no doubt about that. But you are missing the bigger picture, yes we are a human race but let’s not forget that even with that we are still put in sub divisions; groups. Being that we grow up in Africa, race is not a huge factor because most if not all the people your dealing with are black. But given that I sent my late teens and early twenties in a western country, my shift of things changed; I started noticing color. It was not like it was something I wanted to notice but the day to day situations reminded me what race I am. It is something that is hard to explain if you have not experienced it first hand, this does not mean I am using this as some sort of card or bargaining chip but it is what it is. Race should not hold us back, but you forget white folks got a head start a long time ago, we are only catching up now. How can you say looking back on history prevents us to move on though?

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