In the shoes of a Graduate · Journalism

The tree with multiple figs.

Your twenties are made up of ‘trial and error’. I look at this as life’s way of removing the training wheels that we had become accustom to. Just the other day two of my Uni friends got married and another has moved across the country to teach English in India. And when I asked them how they are coping, they said they had never expected to be were they are 12 months ago. I completely understood where they were coming from. This year has been a year of much needed refection; I have figured out pieces of myself I never knew I had within me. There comes a point in one’s life were you come to a million and one crossroads. This could be in what you choose as a career path, or in friendships, job offers and even who you chose to love.



Being a 20 something, I have endured this… rather still enduring this. This stage is not easy; it is stressful and overall feels like a quarter life crisis. You have a number of options after graduation, and this is the beautiful part of being a graduate. Literally the world really is your oyster. But then it happens. The options keep multiplying and you want a piece of almost of all of them, you don’t want to just pick one. You then get overwhelmed and start second guessing your decision making. You get stuck on the question of “which”. Which one should I choose? Which has the best out come? Which will pay off more in the long run? You end up asking so many ‘which’ questions and you up remaining in this state of confusion for more than you had anticipated… you linger; you say you are “just buying time”….making sure you make the “right” decision.  But what happens when you wake from this state and your lucidness kicks in. Only to find that the options you once had are not options anymore; they are now struggles because you now have to ‘struggle’ to get that book/ record deal/ business up and off the ground. But this is now an even harder thing to do because you now have a lot more competition than you did 5 years ago.

I believe our subconscious has a brain of its own. It speaks to us and sometimes we choose to ignore it. That little voice in your head telling you “to do it now; choose a path ad go with it”.  So take some time out by yourself, with nothing but your thoughts and reflect o what your ext best alternative is. Do not put it off cause that might be your once in a lifetime open window, I bid you to my earthlings.


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