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The side chick era.

Okay so I might have been a little harsh on Olivia the other week cause clearly she came back with some pretty extreme blows last week. I mean an abortion, teaming up with Fitz ex; Meillie and actually cutting off his balls all in the same episode!!! talk about extreme.  For those of you who did not watch last week’s Scandal episode, Shonda did it again; she made Fitz look crazy out in these Scandal “Presidential” streets. First off she went on to casually have an abortion (or at least it looked like one) but that was after she helped Meillie at one of those long parliamentary procedures were if you left the floor that would mean you were calling it so she was supposed to be up there for supposed 18 hours without using the bathroom, so Olivia went on to find a loop hole which allowed Meillie a break. Anyway I digress, after all of this (which btw was taking place while Fitz held a State dinner which she was supposed to attend with him) ..after all this she goes back to a waiting furious Fitz who  got to see the other side of his beloved Olivia, she handed him his balls after chewing them up a little so basically she handed him the residual of their failed attempt at a relationship. Olivia basically confessed that she preferred him unavailable. She confessed to dealing with the part of him that she was dealing with before their little affair went public. She preferred thing the way they were, where Meillie was dealing with all the real stuff while she catered to him other needs, which got me thinking; Is this how side chicks see things? Do they rather have half of  man and not the whole dull? Is the stress taken off them when they are the second wife/ girlfriend? Are they the fun option while the main chick gets the rotten part of the bull?

Fact: There are a lot of girls out there willing to be side chicks. They are proud of it and feel like the terms and conditions that come with it aren’t as bad. I mean they get to go out of town from to time with the man who told his wife he is going on a “work trip”. They usually get to have a cool chic apartment in the city and all their friends are jealous of them. Side chicks get the gifts and paid hair salon appointments while the wife stays at home with the kids doing math homework on a Friday night and playing the loyal wife role while he (he being husband) is out there getting cranked . Now-days side chicks are okay with being exactly that, they brag about it shamelessly. They have no respect for the wives of these men because  they are now posting instagram pictures “with bae” (bae being a married man with four kids). I mean, it is safe to say that the 21 century has taken a wrong turn and we are now in side chick-vile.

Men are not making this any easier either, I mean not for nothing they should at least hide their indiscretions. Not that I condone polygamy, I believe a man was made for one woman and vice versa but if these men are stepping out on your wife you would think they would have the decency to keep it on the wraps and not make a mockery of their marriage. Men now days lack respect for their significant other, they lay with anything that has a pulse and tend to forget their vows. And the worst part as Mr Jay-z put it;

The problem is, you dudes treat the one that you loving
With the same respect that you treat the one that you humping

Can I get an amen!!!! I mean the lines are blurred with these side chicks and the men are to blame. I for one would never put myself in a situation where I am dealing with a man who has side chicks but then again it is easier said now but some women find this out three kids later with no savings in their name and a phobia for a cold bed. But to each their own, every situation is different. But the question is who is to blame? Is it the selfish side chick who knowingly goes on to lay with another woman’s husband; playing her position? Is it the man who has not set boundaries or tamed his side b&*£@ or is it the fault of the woman who stays? It is all such a mess really but sadly this is the generation we leave in. If only the men knew that just like Olivia those side chicks will leave you high and dry as soon as you get too old or get a little chunky around the waist. Just saying!!

But Shonda, that was an epic episode. I am done.

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