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The East Street Food experience.

Lately I have come to appreciate food. I like trying new things when it comes to food and I have taken it upon myself to try different cuisines and restaurants in London. Last week I decided to do exactly that as myself and a friend went to an East-Asian restaurant called East Street Food. This restaurant has a variety of Asian cuisines from different parts of the world, these being, Vietnam,Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Korea. This was an upside as it meant I could kill a lot of birds with one stone because of the many food types. For those of you who do not know the location of this sweet spot it is on 3-5 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1HJ and the nearest tube is Tottenham Court Road station. It is not at all hard to find, just keep your head up and eyes open.

IMG_5891 - Copy
Hungry minion running in.

When we entered there it is hard not to notice that this little restaurant has a lot more to offer than Asian food, there is so much personality in it with the interior design with posters hanging from the ceiling to the pictures stuck up on the back iron roof looking wall. It is is a nice little spot to go for a lunch date or even Sunday lunch with friends or family.

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When it came to the food, we got the “Asian sharing platter” which caters to two people and it had deep fried spring rolls, BBQ chicken, Pork Dumplings, coconut prawns, Satay chicken and Thai corn fritters; this came to a total cost of £13.95.

IMG_5884 - Copy
The Asian sharing platter for two.


We then moved on to the main course, my mate got the Malaysian Ho Fun noodles well known as Kway Teow which had  prawns, mussels, char siu pork, egg and squid in a chilli, garlic & dark soy sauce; this cost £11.75.

Malaysian Ho Fun noodles.

I on the other hand ordered for the  Indonesian Style Fried-Rice well known as Nasi goreng which lime leaves, chili, cucumber, egg and onions, chicken and prawns; this cost £ 9.50.

Indonesian style Fried-Rice.

So if you are in need for some hangover food, East street food is the place to go. You do not have to wait too long for your food, they have amazing potions, their service is top notch even though their cocktail menu needs at least five more options added on (there is nothing like too many options when it comes to cocktails). All in all I would definitely recommend this spot to friends and family. If your ever around the Tottneham court road area and longing for some Asian food, pop into East Street Food. I give it three stars.





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