In the shoes of a Graduate

How scary is Change?

Working in retail has always been okay while at University but what happens when you have graduated and four or so months later you are still working the same student retail job that you promised yourself you would leave after you graduate. I know, life gives you a reality check! When working a student job while at university, it gives you a perspective of how things work in the real world. You have to juggle University (and the course work that comes with it), work and try to have a social + family life. Working while at university gives you a glimpse into what is called “Work-life balance”. It gives you a taste of what to expect when you eventually jump-start your career. I think every student should experience this while at university, it is one of the very important parts of growing. However, it is not always what is expected to happen. On some occasions graduates do not always find jobs right away and this can cause you to stay at a supposed “Uni-Job” longer than you anticipated.

Working in retail has had its ups and downs and I have  never taken any of what I  have learnt there for granted but after 11 months I felt like my learning experience had come to a stand still. I was not growing, rather I was procrastinating; buying time. I was around amazing people both customers and work colleagues who come from different backgrounds and had so much personality. In the beginning, it was a good way to spend my 23 hours a week when I was off from Uni. However after a while it started to feel like I was in a recurring movie that was put on pause when I got off from work and un-paused when I got back in the next day. The same 6 songs playing all day, week or even months; on repeat EVERY…DAY. It felt like I was in a Twilight zone; coming in to do the same exact task I did yesterday and the day before yesterday, and the day before that. I was not growing; and after a while one can get comfortable with that. I have heard stories of people who have worked in retail for 20 plus years and maybe for some it is their career path but others just get comfortable. Comfortable with the salary that they get at the end of the month, comfortable with the people they work with, comfortable with the life they have made. situationsThey might not necessarily be happy but they are comfortable; they say, “I do not want to make any drastic changes before Christmas” which turn into, “I am saving up to move to another city“. There is always a reason not to change, not to evolve; they do not want to rock the boat. So 1 year turns to 3, 3 years turn to 5, 5 years turn to 8 and before they know it they have been there for 15 years! This is does not necessary have to be a retail job, it might be any job that was never intended to be your career path. 

We humans are creatures of habit, this is not necessarily a good or bad thing; depending of course. However we are not robots either so doing the same thing day in and out can pretty much drive you crazy; especially if it is something you do not enjoy doing. Studies show that most people who resist change are afraid of the uncertainty of the world as it causes a ripple effect.But studies also show that these same people are prone to mental break downs, stress and depression. So as you remain it that comfortable, certain position, relationship or career, ask yourself this; If you are to live this world tomorrow, will you be content in how you have lived your one life? Luckily we earthlings were born with the power of free will; one of the most powerful tool we hold as earthlings. So I strongly advise you to use it; in all that you do. Life is about living, do not waste one second of it listening to the same Taylor Swift album all week.





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