Being Mellie Grant

Scandal has been on  our TV screens for four years (and counting) and for most of the four years at least, I have followed Mellie Grant. She has been the side kick, Scandal’s first lady, the wife, the mother, Fitz’s (that no good of a man) pillow fluffer and a grieving mother.

And through all of this I have been  (or rather was) Oliva Pope’s number one woe through and through. But Mellie Grant has clearly been the underdog that no one saw coming for Olivia’s spot and since last week’s show aired I believe Mellie has become my favorite. I mean, every season reviles a secret that makes her an even more interesting character; really and truly she really is an onion, the kind that really really burns your eyes. It is funny to think that Shonda had meant for Mellie to be a one off character; she was meant to only appear in one of the episodes in the beginning but thank Lord she did not do that; even Shonda found Mellie’s character to be of substance. Don’t get me wrong, Olivia is amazing with the “whole get things done” thing she has going on; I mean she can makes a murder disappear and I can’t take that away from her but the show could’t work with out a Mellie. Plus lately Olivia seems to have become too sappy for my liking. She has taken on the role of Fitz’s pillow fluffer this season and it really is painful to watch. I mean she went on to taint her name all in the name of a married man! I guess that is the thing about all of Shonda’s characters, they are human and she reminds us of that when we are just about to forget.

Get it together Liv….

What I love about Mellie is that she is a reliant character; I mean after we find out she was raped by her own father in law, her son dies there after. And the common denominator seems to be Fitz; she gave up being a lawyer to help him get into the white house. She was raped and thereafter blackmailed to keeping it quite or Fitz position would be jeopardized. She  has stolen votes for him, committed felony for him, taken the back seat while she watched Fitz love another woman, lied for him, Lost a son because of him… I could go on.

This makes one question, how much of yourself do you have to give up for a man? Yes Mellie has done a lot of these out of love and maybe for a little taste of the white house but is she to blame for where she is right now? Some would call this foolishness, others would say those were all choices a grown woman made but who really is to blame? Is it Mellie for putting her happiness and career in the back bench to support a man she loved, believed in and supported? Is it Olivia for coming into the equation and messing up the whole plan ? Or is it Fitzgerald, the leader of scandal’s free world who even with being the president, can’t seem to be able to make reasonable decisions about the country without thinking of his (what is in his pants). If you ask me, from what we have been seeing in the past few episodes of Season Five Scandal; Olivia is losing it, she is becoming a person I honestly do not recognize, She needs to get her gladiator armor and suit on get Jake back and kick B613’s ass together  and  leave that weak man Fitz’s alone … #TeamJake.

Plus he makes her happy. She dances while she is with him, something we don’t usually see Olivia do.I mean, she has the sun with Jake!

She has the sun with Jake.

Fitz should leave the white house, buy a ranch in Texas with his blonde 27 year old wife and leave my two scandal superhuman women (Olivia and Mellie) alone. Oh yeah, and Mellie for President!

Side bar: How thick is that plot?  Shonda should think about making a spin off for Mellie titled,Being Mellie Grant”. What do you think my earthlings?


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