Health · Poetry

A very sorry tomorrow.

All we are is ‘very sorry
A very sorry generation
With a very sorry tomorrow.
It is amazing how mankind chooses to destroy the environment,
Like they think generations from now there will be another planet to start afresh on,
Maybe there will be.
Maybe man will figure out how to survive on Marz,
And there will be a bookshop on the moon with all the famous authors,
And our neighbours will be green eyed with stick like figures,
And will probably use google translator to communicate.
But how will they explain this to their great grand kids
That they were too lazy to recycle
And too selfish to think about the Eco forests
That they cut down trees just to make money which goes on to enslave man and corrupt their souls
How ironic is that?
That trees are free
And money isn’t.

We are of the lost.
The misguided children of Adam and Eve.
Using genetic chemicals to grown cattle and crop
Selling a Big Mac for £1.99 and vegetables for £5+.
We are a selfish generation
Enslaving kids minds with video games and social networks,
Were adults hide behind online domains and engaging in personal conversations with 13 year olds.
I do not see a rainbow at the end of this storm.
Just blackened souls and a very sorry tomorrow.


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