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Richard Musinguzi; Uganda’s very own Walter Elias.

Today as I was scrolling through my facebook news feed, I came across a BBC World interview with one of Uganda’s very own, Richard Musinguzi. For those of you who do not know Richard Musinguzi, he is one of the first Ugandan cartoonist to actually break borders. He is the creator of Katoto; a character that has reflects a lot on the western side of Uganda, bringing out the humor in the day to day life of a village man in Uganda. Katoto is a flamboyant character who reminds you of that one uncle from the village who come around every Christmas and tells the funniest stories.

Richard Musinguzi and his character ‘Katoto’

I have been an admirer of Richards work way before Katoto was created. He has always had the skill and I being a person drawn to anything artsy, I came across his work back in 2010.  He has obviously come a long way from that with ‘Katoto‘ and was mostly proud that one of my own (a Ugandan) was being interviewed and getting global recognition for his work, with the interviewer going as far as calling him “Uganda’s Walt Disney“. For any of those who have not heard the interview, the link is down below.

I am proud of how far Ugandans are going. Watch out Walt Disney, Katoto and Richard Musinguzi are about to break the internet.


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