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Location: London, Victoria

There are so many things I love about London; the authenticity of people, the culture, the street art, the hidden cocktail bars and restaurants, the  coffee shops, the sushi bars, China street were I can get my quick fix of any kind of Chinese food, the different theaters, the jazz bars, the poetry nights, the buzz of the streets during rush hour… I could go on. My love for London has grown more and more over the years. As a foreigner, I have had the chance to experience the city  for what is now six years and I am grateful to have experienced it with my best friends both from home and some I have met over the course of me living here.

Location: Westbourne Grove, London W2 4UW
Location: Westbourne Grove, London W2 4UW

I took the above picture on my sister’s birthday this year which was in June. We went to a little Mexican/Cuban bar and restaurant called ‘Loco Mexicano‘ over in Victoria which served the best guacamole and Sangria’s. My sister and I enjoyed the food and cocktails (which re buy one get one free) as a live Mexican band played “a walk in the clouds” ….get that!

It was a beautiful evening and we both probably went home with a fully grown Mexican mustache and ‘talking like dissss‘ . For any Londoner who is a lover of food and experiencing different cultures, I would highly recommend this spot; Loco Mexicano: Westbourne Grove, London W2 4UW.

Location: Loco Mexicano
Location: Loco Mexicano, London Victoria 
Location: Cocktail-vile

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