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Questions; Sonnets and Poems challenge

Over the past few days I have been documenting a series of short poems and sonnets. These series as mentioned are short but tell a vivid story by just reading the few lines and they always have a question within which leaves the reader wondering. The reason why I started these series is because I have been struggling with writers block a lot since last year. I do not know if it was due to the drastic changes in my life like moving from the city to a small town or the fact that I was doing my masters and that required a lot of time but my writing has been struggling a lot; something I have never had to deal with. As a person with the passion for writing I always thought a half baked story is not worth the public reading it, so this crippled me. I always felt that if I was writing a poem it had to be more than fourteen lines long. It had to be a systematic rhythm of words that sounded professional but yet effortless, not just a jotting of words put together as if in a hurry to make a deadline. This and the fact that I wanted the people reading to love my stories/ poems. This put a huge strain on my writing and this is were I met the mother of all writers terror, writers block.

But over the past few weeks, I found pleasure in writing again. I stopped trying so hard to please the readers and instead took it back to the days were I wrote for the love of writing. I started writing down whatever little story that popped up in my head; be it short or long. So one day as I scrolled through my tumblr, a feeling popped up which I thought to examine further and ended up posting it on my tumblr which then lead to a series of story telling sonnets and poems, questions documentation. Below are the four that I have come up with already.


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