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Nairobi on snap chat

So if for whatever reason you have been living under a rock, there is this new app in these social networking streets called snap chat. This is a new age application which allows individuals to share pictures and videos of whatever it is that they are up to there and then with their list of friends. The twist is this app gives users a time limit in which friends can see the video or picture and then it would be deleted. I know! It doesn’t make much sense but it is popular.

Anyway this app has come up with different fun new facilitations, one of them is it now features different cities from all over the world. Here it will pick a city and then use users posts from this city to make up an interesting story with an insight into different people and their cultures and anyone can view this story. I for one think this is a pretty cool way of viewing life from a different point of view, however for some it proved to be rather annoying that Kenya was featured on snap chat before their cities were. With a lot to say, users took to twitter to make a joke of Nairobi as a city but personally I think this only made them look bad. These tweets only left me asking, how much is too much sharing on social media?

However, Kenyans only replied these tweets with humour and wit.


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