Poetry · Short Stories

Old Pictures

We look at old pictures
When we were young and didn’t know any better
With dreams the size of the world and an active imagination to match
We could have done anything back then
We could have taken over the world
With hope in our eyes and a life to live
Wishing upon falling stars
And trusting the fairness of the tooth fairy

We could have done anything back then
18 years with so much life to live
With laughter in our voices and rhythm in our feet
I swear we were close to the sun
Burning anyone that tried to touch us
And leaving them with scars as a leaving party favour
We were all the things we wanted
Right there and then

But we have been gone lately
In a rush,
Trying to catch up with time
Taking every hand that is dealt
Even the ones that conflict with the person we used to know
We have changed
In every way that didn’t matter back then
We were pacifists
Confused, aspiring misfits

We have been wrong a lot lately
Trying to figure out what we are coming behind and in front of
Secretly placing blame on beings who face similar conflicts
Holding onto the limitlessness of the world,
Digging our claws into that which is tomorrow
Hoping to find survival there
With her thighs thick with hope
And her breasts full with salvation
Caring little for the blisters and open wounds
Leaving behind casualties and corps
Not even morning them
Trying to hold close the person we see when we look at old pictures
Maybe we never were that pure
Maybe we never were one or the other
Maybe we are meant to go through all these stages in life to get to the other side
But were do all the people we were in this one lifetime go?
Let’s mourn each of these lifetimes
Each of these people; in all these different pictures
With the same eyes and smile
For they too are casualties
Souls that have shade their skins every decade
like snakes in the middle of the Amazon


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