Forgive yourself

Young girl with the teary droopy eyes

Why don’t you wipe away the scars from memories past?

Try to forgive yourself

The girl with the snow white skin

Pale from not getting enough in

Throwing up whatever you take in

Eyes sunken, hair falling off your scalp like petals from a flower

A flower of rear beauty

Wild and exotic like the earth you came from

The girl that has body image issues

And wants to look like “the woman in the moon”

Forgive yourself.

The girl with a heart that has been scratched into

With nails as long and painful as scissor hands

Leaving behind traces of their nails as if a consolation prize

This is for the girls that have dared to love only to be let down,

Love of years past have clawed into your bruised heart and pulled out your soul

Leaving with parts of you that were not lease to them

Numbing you up and icing your warmth

Leaving you lonely and alone

Forgive yourself.

The girl that has been taken apart and not let keep a piece of herself for herself

This is for the girl that has been used and abused

The girl that has been forced open and robbed of their virtue

The girl who did not have the pleasure of experiencing “pleasure” during her first time

But instead was robbed of it

The girl whose gullibility was crept up on and crawled into like a tick underneath dog fur

The same girl whose mother did not believe her

The very same girl who had to terminate the life that grew within her

Forgive yourself.

The girl with feelings that are consistently stigmatised

The same girl who dreams about kissing other girls

The girl with perky breasts and has the right fitting hands to cap another’s perky breasts

The girl who is being told how to feel

Like your emotions are for others to feel

Like you do not find the act of kissing a boy dampening

The girl who has spent years wearing a man as a beard

A crutch for a leg that was never broken to begin with

Like you have not lied to yourself enough

Like you have another life to live

Forgive yourself.

The girl that is now calling herself an “escort”

Covering up that word in sheep skin

Pouring ‘elegance’ all over it

Being judged for what you had no choice in

Like when you could still dream, your dream was to be a prostitute when you grew up!

Like you want your son to see you this way

Like this was a dream career

Forgive yourself.

The church girl, who has read the good book

The Christian girl who has read about the city of Sodom and Gomorrah in the New Testament

The same girl who gave into the flesh when emotions were running high

The same girl that is now being judged and crucified

By the same church of people who preach about “not passing judgement”

Like your own indiscretion wasn’t enough now you have to carry theirs too

Your maker still loves you,

Forgive yourself.

This is for the young girl with the teary eyes,

The girl who has scorn herself to sleep

The girl fighting her own shadow everyday

The same girl that is battling depression

Fighting demons with invisible cloaks

Only ending up in slippery slopes

The girl with conjugated truths, pasts and fears

Tormented by the “devil’s mark” as the village folk call it

Struggling to get out of bed,

To keep a job

To smile so your mother will sleep at night

Forgive yourself

Because the secret is, you are the only one that has the power to.


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