As a black man kills another black man somewhere in South Africa,

I sit on the back of a bus sipping on an ice tea with the ice turned to water now,

Thinking about what to have for dinner when I get home.

As I sit on the back of this bus,

A mother of two, who fled the islands of Sierra Leone

To make more money to feed her children that she left with her elderly mother.

As I sit on this bus,

Dangling my feet and counting the stops till I am back home,

A taxi driver in the town of Soweto is setting fire to a fellow human being

Claiming he is not one with him,

Claiming he is an imposter from the city of Ife, Nigeria;

An imposter who only came to South Africa to steal their women

Their Jobs

Their cattle

And their land.

As I sit on this joy ride to my warm house,

A lot is going on in the world,

A child is losing a mother,

An African man is killing another African man due to the pledge of Ignorance going around,

A South African politician is enjoying a warm meal while men are being slaughtered outside his house,

As I sit on this never ending venture home,

I think of the pair of shoes I saw in Zara earlier that day

I think of all that is superficial,

I think of everything and anything

But not the man in South Africa.

What a shame; for humanity is non-existent there

Not even a thirteen year old is safe.

Human on Human crime,

African on African crime.

Ignorance is a disease of the mind.

Infecting our minds one by one,

And then you ask why “love” and “peace” are becoming extinct

Why all we see when we turn on the TV is war.

Living life comfortable with the extinction of humanity.

Feeding Ignorance.

Feeding into the quote; but Ignorance is NOT bliss

Peace is.

Humanity is.

Love is.

Not Ignorance.


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