Poetry · Short Stories

Words aka Writer’s Block

Lately my words don’t come easy

There seems to be a war in my mind

And my words have been kept as prisoners,

They are locked up in dungeons and chained to cold floors

Starved and raped by rubbish TV reality shows

Stripped of their creativity and forced to wear netted tights and stripper heels

They are being whored around to men with cigarettes on their breath

Men who only use the curse words as expression

In my mind am slaying dragons and knighting men

In my mind I have danced with the prince charmings,

climbed giant magical beanstalks,

I have kissed frogs that turned into handsome suitors,

and even gone to oz with a tin man, a scare crow and a cowardliness lion

In my mind, I have a lot of things going on but my words are no were to be found

Writing has become hard for me

Like a thirsty horse I still look for the fountain

To feed my mind, set my words free

Words that draw stories in readers minds Words that turn kitchen girls to princesses

Words that travel galaxies on unicorns and dragons

Words that bring together souls from different cities, countries even different worlds

In my mind I am dancing under the moon and kissing my words under the stars

Enchanted by sonnets and poems

Opening my big jar of words.


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