Fifty shades of Black.

What is it with these documentaries about skin tones? I am a black female for those of you who are wondering and I feel like I have sat through too many documentaries about black people with too much or too little melanin in their skin. I was over at my friend’s house last week and  we had this debt on light skinned vs dark skinned. It was over a glass of wine so you already know it got heated. The battle between skin tone has become somewhat of a trend; people are using it as a way of putting black people in sub-groups, as if being black in a world where black people were seen as a means to an end during the slavery days is not enough. History shows that the black man endured a lot of human cruelty because of the color of their skin and 200 years later, after our ancestors have fought to abolish this injustice of the black society we  have instead turned it to ourselves with pointing out the shade of black/ blackness and grouping each other accordingly. This way of thinking I believe has been bought on by one too many documentaries showing black people talk about the shade of their skin and comparing it with the shade of another black person’s skin. Think about it, before being corrupted by media and social norms we saw black as black; with no shades or social groupings. I for one did not really think of black people dividing themselves up into other racial subgroups, this doesn’t only happen with black people though. I once had a deep conversation with one of my Indian friends and she told me that she only preferred the lighter Indian men and that back home (in India) skin tones are such a big deal as the darker Indian’s are looked down on and called names because of the shade of their skin.  These skin shade documentaries although informative and need to bring to light the prejudice of  how people subgroup their own race have also magnifies the cancer. These documentaries have spread this way of thinking to younger generations even without meaning to. If you put a kid of any race in a room with one “dark skinned” person and a “light skinned” person and asked the kid what color of skin these two individuals are, the kid will say “black” because that is what it sees, that is it’s truth. But after a while their sight is blurred from listening to grown adults define black in shades and watching all these brain washing documentaries of course this once innocent child will then conform to society and start putting people of the same skin color in labels and boxes. What I mean is these documentaries are the cause of this new stereo type silent war between the “light skinned” and the “dark skinned”.  There are one too many documentaries talking about the same old, jaded topic; talking about skin tones and shades. This has become the new form of racism; people of the same race making jokes and using hash tags to categorize others by their “shade of black”. We are enslaving ourselves with ideologies as if religion, politics and the aftermath of slavery is not enough. If Martin Luther King was alive am sure he would be disappointed with a black person tearing down another black person just because of the shade of their black. Let us all move on from this social grouping, drop the #TeamLightSkin/DarkSkin and all the cruel jokes that come with them, the world does not need another form of social division.


8 thoughts on “Fifty shades of Black.

  1. This, right here, needs to be read by a lot of people. I even know of people who are proponents for “team lightskinned/team darkskinned. Such ignorance creates separation amongst people. It creates the “i am better than you” beliefs, or better yet, “i am prettier than you.” Furthermore creating self-loathing of a people.

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