Have you seen her?

The girl with the sunflower in a hair

She wears a smile that could blind any man

and smiling eyes to match

She is made of diams, gems and stones

And can kiss a bad day away

Have you seen her?

Some say she wandered off and got lost in the stars

Some say they saw her last, down at the river’s mouth

If you see her tell her I miss her

Tell her to come home

Tell her I am sorry I lost her

Lost her to failed romances

To the darkness of depression

To religion

To politics

To drunken nights

And dwelling mornings with red wine stains all over her lips

To the flesh that only craves

to unrealistic expectations

to self-righteous antics

and revolving doors that slam shut after walls have been broken down

To fairy tales and lies of a dreamy prince charming

To extended eye lashes and Brazilian weaves

To hate and loath

To dead end jobs

To self-hate

And all that enslaved our mind

Tell her am sorry

Tell her to come home

To come back to the me

For she is part of me

She is me and I am her

She is the side of me that functions even when I am jaded from all the worlds bruises and blood stains

Tell her I am in pursuit of her halo

Tell her we need to adjust our crown

For it is standing loose

On a slippery slope only she can pull me from

And most of all, tell her she is missed

For she part of me,

She is me and I am her.


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