No one else’s

We walk hand in hand in foggy streets

With nothing but street lights cutting through the fallen misty clouds

I could not see you but I could still feel you

Like opposite ends of two magnets so were we,

pulled to each other even in the midst of an argument between air and water

We kissed and slow danced in the middle of the road

Like two leaves falling from a branch, we danced with such unsystematic novelty,

swaying to the sound of empty street silence and strong windy blows to the south

And to think you almost cheated fate,

When you chose a girl more pretty than me,

that plain old Jane type of girl

with those softer hands and long dark hair,

with long eyelashes and with smooth chocolate skin

But who was a lot more boring than me.

That you almost gave her what was mine to begin with

so I was not surprised, that at 4 am

as we sat on an old rusty park bench,

staring at the full crunchy October moon

you whispered in my ear, asking me How I knew you were the one

But baby, don’t you know I wrote you love letters even before I met you!

My heart has always called out your name in the midst of stormy short lived relationships,

never giving them the best of me because I already know you had that part of me already

Like my love for coffee; you ignited every bit of me

setting fire to every inch of my body with just the thought of you,

You were mine and no one else’s

And I feel sorry for her investment to my asset

For she probably taught you a few things before me

but what she did not know is that me and you were written in a Shakespeare novel

with a lot of misguided feeling but fateful misconceptions

she was your drizzle, but I am your rain.

She was to wet the soils of ur heart

But I was to wet and soften it for no one else but myself

for I do not plan on having anyone else plant a seed in my suited soils

for we have talked to each other with our souls and not skin

bearing each other’s fears and whims

Making you forget why you ever loved her, or thought you did

watching the sun rise with me

for she too probably knew we were meant to be

I do not know why it took you this long to know you were mine

But I know you were mine years before you shared your star dust with anyone else,

Baby your were mine and no one else’s.


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