About a boy

They alway write story’s about a girl, or maybe it’s me
Maybe am the one picking up books, poems, scripts and movies about “a girl”
But I want to read about a boy
So here I am writing about a boy
About a boy with beautiful dark skin and smiling eyes
About how his two hands look like that of the Indian god; Kali
How he has star dust in his eyes
How when you look into his eyes you see the moon glistening back instead of the normal pupil
How he smells like the summer and walks like dancing fire on a thorny bush
How his voice sounds like victory on war soils
How he is as soft as he is hard
With strong jaws but soft eyes
Strong legs but soft skin
Strong thoughts but soft heart
A living and walking contradiction
A rarity among other beings
Yes, this is a story about a boy,
Not a girl this time round


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