Red Painted Doors

Devon 1 - August, 2012 168I sync the waves life has thrown at me

Infusing my very own heart beat with the thunders in dark blue skies

I have danced to the music of silence,

The loud kind of silence

The kind of silence that paints rainbows on street walls

And open red painted doors

Doors that lead to oblivions

Doors that open souls to Solitude

Red painted doors that challenge the universe

That question the existence of mortal creators and monsters that leave under your bed

I have danced in the rain behind red painted doors6878242_2013-50x40-dancing-in-the-rain-oil-canvas

Soaked in sky tears,

Danced underneath stars

With my feet embracing the sandy beaches and bonfires

I have leaved like saints on mountains

Fasting for 40 days of epiphanies that will break life’s coordinates

Living life as a quote;

Picking out lines like Red painted doors and blissful solitude

Using words as a weapon of amity

Brining meaning to feelings not expressed

I have jelled all of these things with the classic that is my life

My life that will go into history as a one hit wonder

So I will continue opening red painted doors

And dancing in storm thunder rains

Becoming one with the universe

And exploring the life behind those red painted doors.


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