Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights
I lay awake watching the cold winter winds knock at autumn’s doors
Leafless trees start looking like skeletons in the dark
Clear starless dark skies
Witnessing early mornings and sneaky night falls
Warm cups of tea have been made on such nights
Sleepless nights were I lay awake
Listening as the wind waltz with careless night whispers
The old drunk trying to sing ‘Seven drunken nights
Kicking bottles and stepping on cat tails as he staggers home
Sleepless nights with random thoughts
Nights spent awake thinking of salty warm beach waters
And nightingales
And of Peter Pan and Jane creeping at my window,
Of conversations heard between toys as we sleep at night,
Of the man on the moon and the creamy milky way
Sleepless nights thinking of ancient Greek women’s feet in grape basin’s pressing grapes for wine
With their white house aprons stained with the purple of the grape
Thinking of battles fought on Spartan lands
And wondering how many ships Helen of Troy launched?
Of Napoleon’s love for Josephine
And of William Shakespeare’s obsession with suicide in his plays.
Sleepless nights thinking about the number of museums I intend to visit
The number of short movies I mean to write
The words I will pick u from old French movies
And the art I mean to paint all over the Universe’s walls
The quotes I am yet to read
The poems am yet to write
And the love that is yet to enchant me
Sleepless nights with wild raw thoughts
A mind like mine
Bewitched by the little details and a craving for Art
Art in real life situations and moments
Drawing strength from the fireworks within everything I see.
Sleepless nights of a girl with a mind made of confetti,
Adding colour to dark cold winter nights. 5-sleepless-nights (1)


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