Autumn leaves and winter winds

I met you when the sun was out

When the salty waters at the beach were warm

When I wore skin tight miniskirts and shorts everywhere

And my sun tanned legs were shaved

I met you unexpectedly

And you made my heart dance to your summer rhythms

You made me laugh

You fed my peckish heart with your sweet nothings

Hypnotized me with your charismatic ways

My foul mouth and your prudish ways got to know each other

You became that an unexpected sun burn

My very own serendipity

But I should have known summer would end

That when the leaves start turning yellow and brown you would find my coffee breathe unbearable

You would start complaining about my caffeine overdose

And my unshaved legs

You would suddenly start hating the quirky perks about me that you found cute when the skies were blue

You would start arguments over a misplaced pair of sock

And you would start coming home late smelling like beer and cheap perfume

I should have known summer had end

When you stopped kissing me good morning

And the “I love you’s” stopped coming in

They were like now a song sang years ago by Irish war-men

You left when summer ended

All I was left with were the autumn leaves and winter winds.

Plus the smell of your perfume on my pillow case

And your faint initials on my broken heart that was turning brown

Just like leaves in the middle of autumn.


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