Poetry · Short Stories

3am Slow jams

3am in New York
She laid awake in the dark
Listening to Mariah Carey and Miguel’s beautiful
She stared at her hand in the dark
Wondering if it was really hers or that of a night creator
She wiggled her fingers just to be sure
She smiled at her silliness
She still laid in the dark
Wide awake listening to her slow jams play on to the rest of the world’s snores
Sam smith whispered in her ears now “Good thing” playing
She got sudden chills
Her mind wandered off
Into another city, another country all together
Her mind was in London now
Wondering what he could be doing at 10pm
Was he in bed listening to the same song
Counting sheep and thinking of her
The possibility of that made her smile
beam me up by pink was now playing
The lyrics only made her miss him more
She wanted to touch his face
Kiss his beautiful dark skin
She suddenly felt her stomach clench up in knots
She felt a strong longing
A sweet pain, one she had only felt once in her life; centuries ago
Now listening to boys to men’s waters run dry..
She wished for just a day and night with him next to her
Just a day in which they could breathe the same air
Count the same stars
Go to the same Italian restaurant together
A day to ride the bus to the end of the journey and back just for the sake of it
A day in which he could count the freckles on her back
A day in which she could talk about her best author and listen to his mind blowing philosophies over what could be their 10th cup of coffee that day
…the scientist by cold play lingering now

An afternoon stroll in the park right before it starts raining and them playing with the ducks as it pours
An evening in silence each reading their favorite book in bed
And a night over a candle light dinner he burnt just for the sack of making her a meal
And a night of kisses and fireworks
A perfect day and night in her eyes
…TLC’s digging on you now slowly sending her off to lala land
But just as she is drifting away
A message comes in
And it was from him asking the same thing she was thinking about
Asking what she was doing
Her heart skipped a beat
With a smile on her face as she replied him
The back and forth went on
With her slow jams still playing in the back ground
…Don’t change by musiq soulchild played now



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