Short Stories

Growing up

As a child I remember always playing with my mother’s stuff. I remember always wearing her shoes and drawing her lipstick allover my face. I remember wearing her bags as my own and pretend to be a grown up rushing to work or to a dinner party. I am sure every mortal or immortal being on earth; both female and male has at a point in their lives dressed up like their mother, whether they will admit to it or not. Such a funny thing to see really, a tiny human with a mess of colours all over their face and their tiny feet in mummy’s 4 inch shoes, it is a sight that could melt even the grinch’s tiny heart. Playing grown up was always such a fun thing to do when you were 5 or 8 but when you clock 22, that is when you realise being grown up is only fun when your playing it not actually being one! I would like to consider myself a mature 20 something year old, with good judgement, I know wrong from right but let’s be honest I thought the same thing when I was seventeen years old. This brings me to my question, “When is one really sure they are grown up?”. When they graduate from high school and move across the world to go to university? When they move out of their parent’s house and start paying bills and rent? When they get their life in order and start earning enough to get by or when they go off, get married and start their own family? When is it that one wakes up and says to everyone especially the parents that they are grown up and should be considered as such? When does this happen? I personally would like to think it is really a state of mind, because I can go from being all mature and strong willed with good judgement to being unsure and uncertain within minutes, and this usually happens when am with my parents and older siblings but that doesn’t mean am not grown up or mature enough does it? I honestly don’t know what one means when they say, “wow, she/he is grown up”, when I hear that word I can’t help but get an animated question mark above my head (in that thought cloud thingie). How does a person rate one’s “maturity level”… I believe we all have a subconscious that speaks to you every second of your life, it basically tells you what you should and should not do. When your still a kid, you never think much of this little voice in your head but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. I personally used to ignore it when it told me not to stick my head out of a moving car or when it told me not to climb that tree in our compound that one time I had a nasty fall and hit my head pretty really bad (I don’t know why it’s always my head though), anyway I do believe it’s all in our heads. It’s just that as time goes on we start to listen to our subconscious, we unlock it, it becomes our best friend more like. That is what I consider growing up! I mean think about it! The more you listen to your inner voice the more you tend to be taken seriously. I honestly don’t think growing up is a stage in life that comes with all the responsibilities we pick up as we go, I mean one can be a CEO of a big company and still choose an immature lifestyle. I believe maturity/ growing up is all about listening to yourself, listening to that second voice with in you, cause in most cases it is what directs you. It is that voice that has stuck with you through out all the spills and mishaps, the broken bones and broken hearts, the should haves, could haves and would haves. I believe our sixth sense is our key to maturity when we listen to that little voice within, it tends to be our yellow big road to the right choices but then again maybe am just going on about something that only makes sense to me, maybe that is my way of making sense of a stage in life that is only supposed to be observed and experienced. Maybe maturity/ growing up isn’t meant to be something that is defined or overly analysed. All one can do is just take damn good pictures of their kids in the mother’s high heels, they will hate you for it but it will be proof of how far they have come. But then again what do I know?



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