Short Stories

Lifestyle of the rich and famous

As she stood by her bedroom window watching her estranged husband of 25 years flirt with one of their young house keepers in their backyard, Elizabeth wondered why she had married him in the first place. Then she remembered how he moved her, only 20 years of age. She was a young aspiring writer and he was a 24 year old juvenile who came from a privileged background. Rich, handsome and such a bad ass; she loved him for all the wrong reasons. He excited her, took her on adventures, took her around the world, showed her Paris, Spain and proposed on a little island in Italy. She was head over heels for his way of living and thirst for life. But as the years went by, two sons and a lovely vibrant daughter, skin wrinkled and a mastectomy later he was still the 24 year old juvenile she knew and once loved. He had barely grown mentally over the years. He was still chasing life, leaving on the edge and only thinking about desires of the flesh. So as he stroked the cheek of the 21 year old Latina house helps, she watched her melt in his arms as she did when she was her age.
She left the bedroom window and walked over to her dressing table mirror and looked at herself. She was a slender 45 year old woman of such graceful beauty. She barely had a wrinkle on her face, just the ones she got on her cheeks from a time she used to smile a lot. Now she barely cracked a smile. She had dark brunette hair that seem to fall perfectly on her shoulders. She had red lipstick on; looked like the women she saw from all those sixties movies she watched as a kid with her mother. She was a rare beauty, something her husband used to tell her all the time. She had beautiful dark brown eyes like her Italian mother but bared the twinkle of her southern raised father. She stood in the mirror and stared at herself, she looked straight into her eyes and couldn’t recognize them. She started sobbing and said out loud,”where have the years gone”. She remembers being 19 years old just yesterday. She remembers the fire she had in the pit of her belly every morning when she woke up. She remembers wanting to have her name echoed in every publisher’s office and on every readers lips, she remembers wanting to be married to an attractive man with money and have amazing children who would go on to Yale or Brown maybe even Harvard University. Most of this did come to pass, she got an amazing break with her third published book, it went in to sell billions. She met her husband Gary who was an heir to an empire, who she went on to love for the first few years of their marriage until she found him in bed with her younger 22 year old sister. They did go on to have kids one boy who turned out to be exactly like his father; spoilt and entitled to whatever life had to offer, the second one turned out going to dance school in Europe and barely heard from him and her gullible daughter who wanted to fall in love so badly she had picked and taken courses according to which boyfriend she had that semester meaning she would drop a course as soon as her and her boyfriend ever over. She had gotten exactly what she had asked for, she couldn’t help but laugh at God’s sense of humor.
So as she replayed her twisted life events in her head; sobbing and crying at the same time, she didn’t notice her butler walk in with the tea and biscuits she had asked for a few minutes ago. His name was Philip, he was an African-American and had been friends of the family since Elizabeth met her husband. He had taken to her instantly and had always loved her from a far. When her Gary started cheating on Elizabeth, Phillip had wondered how a man could be so stupid. He had always put flowers on her breakfast tray wishing she would pick up on his gestures but she always thought of him as a sweet man with a kind heart. So when he walked in and saw her crying, his heart broke into a million pieces. He walked up to her and kneeled down next to where she was seated. He took his handkerchief from his front handkerchief pocket and gave it to her without saying a word. She looked up at him in shock and said, “Forgive me for the mess I must look Phillip, am just having one of those days” to which he replied, “you have never looked a mess my lady, you have always been a beauty even at your worst of days”. She laughed him off and said, “you have always been so kind to me” to which he replied,”No, I have always loved you my lady”. She was so taken back that she nearly fell off her seat. “You can’t say such things to me Phillip, I am married to your employer”, she nearly screamed this out. He just looked at her and replied,”and he is a foolish man because he does not see what kind of woman he has, if he did he wouldn’t be running around with all the young girls all over town”. She looked at him and realized he was serious, she then put two and two together, all the years of sweet gestures and the number of times she had caught him staring at her, all the sweet compliments and attention; it had never occurred to her that this sweet man might be in love with her. 20 plus years and she didn’t know. When she looked up at him again she couldn’t help but look at him differently, he then realized her gaze and suddenly realized what had come out of him mouth. He had told her how he felt; his employer; his boss’s wife. He suddenly felt a wave of panic and shame flow through him. He looked down and said, “Please forgive me my lady, I don’t know what came over me must be coming up with something, please don’t tell the master of the house”. She stood there lost of words and just walked over to where Philip was standing, it had been a while since a man had been so sincere and vulnerable with her, it had been a long time since a man had stared at her the way Phillip had in that exact moment. So with out thinking she kissed him; she kissed him with an open heart and appreciation, and he kissed her back with longing and desire. She felt his arms around her; he held her with such love as if she was a delicate flower vase and he felt her lips soften and felt her melting in his arms; she felt like a tensed hedgehog un folding right in his arms. For that brief moment they felt feeling they had both not felt in a very long time. They however didn’t realise someone was watching, Elizabeth’s daughter was in the door way watching everything happen. She felt her face go red and her eyes tearing up, she then thought to herself, “this is exactly why I am so messed up, my father is in the garden chasing another skirt and my mother is upstairs kissing the help”.



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