I watched him chase a love that had died centuries ago
For she fell weakness to the needs of the flesh
And their love was lost to lust and momentary urges
But the memory of what they had was all he kept with him
So he loved her even when she loved another
Some would call it foolishness
Others sorcery
I call it bravery
How one can love another while they loved someone else
How he watched her kiss another’s heart with the same witty ways she had used to kissed his
Leaving her red lip stick stains on his heart
Even after two years of the mental beat down he was still a slave to her heart
It was a love story written in never never land
For she never did feel loved as much as he loved her but still was never leaving her recent love
So as the years went by I watched him get in and out of different relationships
All girls looking like her but not matching the red lipstick stain she left on his heart
He suffered from nostalgic feelings for a girl he once had
But as we lay in his cold backyard, sharing a bottle of wine
Counting stars and makingwww up our own constellations
I asked him why he chose to love a love that hurts
How he could love a woman who chewed him up and refused to spit him out
To which he replied, “I don’t mind knowing that she still has a piece of me at the back of her throat”


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