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The City Wanderer

So as she made her way home from her 10 o’clock job interview in London she decided she might as well see the city before getting her train back to Birmingham. See she was a struggling business management graduate who was going through what she called “a graduate dry spell“. She had been looking for a job for about three months now and still had not landed one. She had been called in for about four interviews over the course of this month and she had a lot of faith with this last one. So as she walked the streets of Holborn aimlessly she couldn’t help but notice Urban_photography_tips_blur_people_NIK29.zone_2.dan1_cgthe people and their era’s, the whole ambiance was what she had come to call “the city’s bloom“, she loved the city. She had always seen herself living here after university. As a child her parent’s used to bring her to the city and she had experienced it’s buzz and unspoken power, she loved seeing the tourists explore this amazing city and witnessing their awakened spark for adventure and curiosity of its historical sites and stories told in the museums. She had studied these tourists like a pirate studying a treasure map. She went on to make up stories in her head of about all the vibrant people she had met and this was something she had done since she was a child. So as she made a turn into Drury Lane heading towards the Theater Royal she couldn’t help but make up stories about the wandering souls she encountered. The first people to play part in her “in head theater” were the two males cycling around the corner, she thought to herself, “They might very well be father and son taking an afternoon bike ride around the block but then again they could be lovers on a lovers adventure in the city” she decided they were lovers instead, who had met on a weekend away in Paris and decided to come back together to pursue what they thought would be a flitting summer fling. As they disappeared around the next corner her eyes came across these two lovers seated quietly outside a Strada Italian restaurant which is located in one of the small hidden lanes on Wellington road. She couldn’t help but wander why they were sitting together but seemed so far apart, she thought to herself “maybe they had a lovers quarrel before leaving the house today afternoon or maybe they have had long nights awake together talking about each and everything that they don’t have much to say today“. She decided to go with the long night’s awake together because then it would mean they would have another story to talk about today night, maybe the story of the girl with the kiss red lipstick who wouldn’t stop smiling at them today outside the restaurant. She thought to herself as a story maker, I mean she had given that couple a story to talk about later on tonight when the whole city is asleep. So as she was wandering the city and making up stories only she could interpret she didn’t realize she was in Convent Garden, she thought she might as well go to the market. On her way there she came across an old woman on a bench with a hunger games book in hand, she couldn’t help but think to herself, “how ironic is it that an old woman is reading such a fictional adventure, is she lonely and has no one to go home to, that is why she is in the city reading hunger games or is she a vibrant soul looking for a little adventure and this book is her fountain of youth“. She went with the story of an old woman with the young soul itching for a little adventure and excitement, longing for that fire she used to have in the pit of her belly, the same fire that Katniss Everdeen has throughout the book she is reading; that spark of life that the real world expects her not to have “at her age”. As this little city wander was attending the theater in her head she didn’t notice her phone was ringing until she felt a vibration in her bag, on picking up the call the gentleman at the other end of the line asked, “Am I speaking to Miss Vera Todd?” she replied, “Yes” and with a smile on her face she did a little jump up and down; she had got the job. As she hang up and walked into a coffee shop and took a seat at the next available table because she couldn’t feel her feet. She then went on to call her mother to give her the good news. While doing all of this, another city wander was watching her and wandering what was it about that first phone call that made her so happy? He too started the never ending tale in his head that she too had befallen earlier on that afternoon, he too had become one of the city wanders in just one quick glance at a moment an individual had shared in the presence of another city wander he too started making up stories of people he encountered on his way to pick up his daughter from day care.


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