Short Stories


Roommates; we all have them. Those people you chose to share your personal living space with who initially become come part of your life. Some in a good way and others just remind you of that huge fungus you got from the shower you used to share with more than a hundred girls back in boarding school. You know that fungus that would never heal so you accepted it as part of your life and once it went away you subconsciously miss it! I personally have had a lineup of roommates; I have had that roommate that would never leave his room. I called him “the ghost”, I would always hear him come in and go out the house but for the life of me I had never seen his physical form. The second roommate was what I called “The confused soul”, she was wandering in every put of her life; from which classes to take to which sex she preferred. She was basically the most confused soul I had come across in my life, one minute she was into men the next she was longing for a female companion. I for one have nothing against a individual trying to explore their sexuality except for this time it was ruining my life. Everyday she would come to me complaining about things I found quite silly to be truly honest and because she refused to label herself as a bisexual, her emotions would run all over the place when one of the guys she was seeing last week called and broke up with her cause he felt she was not emotionally ready for a relationship and seemed confused about her sexuality. I am a firm believer in “a friend in roommates_480_310_c1_c_t_0_0 need is a friend indeed” but I had a lot going on considering I was in my final year of University and had no time to pick her up every week she got dumped by the guy she met at the tube station or the girl she met in the toilets in “Heaven”. After her came a guy who honestly I did not feel so secure around. I had to bolt my bed room door so as to have extra security when going to bed. He was the type that would ask my friends creepy questions like “do you have a bra on” whenever they slept over. I mean this guy had no boundaries; which ever line you made for him he would cross, within a month of staying with him I had to move out because I couldn’t take it anymore. Then there was the “I will” roommate, that is the kind of roommate that never does what she says she “will” do. Like how she said she will cover the gas bill next month because she doesn’t have the money this month so you have pay for it, and the electric, and the wifi plus the house groceries for the week. She was such a sweet person who I thought much of as a friend but the constant leeching off me was driving me up the wall. I was a student with a part time job trying to save up so I could not afford this situation, she had to go. The next two I had were two sisters who I honestly found intriguing, they were so opposite yet so compatible. One was a complete book warm doing business law and took everything seriously; I mean she had a step by step process for cooking pasta. I mean really? Maybe it was the Italian in her that took over when preparing pasta but she took it way too seriously while her sister was the kicked back type. Her sister was younger than her by only a year and eight months and never let her older sister forget that whenever she tried to “mummy” her. They were honestly my best flat mates ever, even if they only stayed seven months. I called them the “magnets” because regardless of how opposite they were personality wise they were never part and loved each other to bits. The last roommate I have had I called “the future politician”. She was an Asian – Chinese with a lot of believes and facts to back them put, she smoked a lot of mary jane which I believe opened up another universe within her where everything was black and white, no grey in-between. She had a passion for anything controversial and honestly could make a sensible argument out of anything. Some of the things she would talk about most people would not understand but she made in sound so intelligent and smart. If you ask me, that is someone who could make someone believe that they could walk on water at a certain angle. I loved her, she was about six years older than me and I believe I picked up a few things from her which I every leader needs in life. I believe all the different souls and energies I have met through out the course of time have taught me a thing or two about life and how to leave with different entities and era’s in a world as small as ours, after all this world is all we have and we are all we have in this universe.


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