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The tale of the Scientist (realist) and the Artist (dreamer).

the dreamers and realist He asked her: Is there any evidence to support that you still exist?
And even if there is, is it sound and valid?
Is it concrete enough to prove that the air we all breathe in for survival is the same that u breathe?
Or are u on Mars…Jupiter…Uranus?
Tell me, where are u?
And if that is too difficult to answer at least tell me how are u?
She replies: Old friend, my reply should be evident enough that I still do live.
However fate put me on a path far from the one we shared
All I have to say is that JUPITER does have life on it
Am up here in my little gingerbread house.
I do miss your scientific yet poetic theories
Oh, you must come visit.
To which he replies: Poetic?…. Forensic research has never been poetic!
Nothing about the doubt of life is poetic.
Death has never been a luxury,
But of course by this I exempt the terrorist who take the utmost pleasure in ceasing their lives.
Yes, I understand that during the course of time people like you or I are liable to change.
But I would hate to think you changed too much
I loved the girl I once knew, and hopefully she is not lost to me
If so I pray heaven can hear my prayer cause I’ve got a fine request
Otherwise, how are you?
All I know now is that you own a gingerbread house on Jupiter!
Her responds: The girl you once knew still leaves and dwells within me
I am still a dreamer, the kind you once loved and never lost
However; as I look beyond these gingerbread walls, I cannot help but see all the science you once spoke about
Gravity is real like you once preached to me
But I see her as nothing more than just magic
I mean I can fly across the room in slow motion without falling
How cool is that!
As he smiled he said: I can already see you dancing across that Bobby Jaber sculpture I go you on your birthday.
You do know he used his hands to mould that clay plus it cost me a fortune so be careful my little dancer.
Funny how I laugh by myself at the thought of your dreams but I can’t help but miss your dreamy artistic little ways.
To which she replied: And I can’t help but wish you could use you scientific ways to get me signal for this TV,
I have missed two episodes of “The Mindy project” on Jupiter already! Argh
I know you don’t watch but you have to catch me up, am on season three.
I love you for this already.


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