Lost friends

We shared scares to the heart
Funny how it got to stories in the dark
I loved you like a sister even when u were far
Thought you were blood disguise
Soul to my food
Sister to my hood
Time seemed to cut us short
You went the other way while I stayed in the same position
Found friends in the bushy woods
While I thought you were the Thelma to my Louise
Past trials never known
Past consequences leaved through past pride
Funny how you will read this and know I am talking about you
Poetry is a secret truth teller
Seeing into the future without even seeing our future
But I believe we had a friendship stronger than a tattoo
Hope you see through this cloud before we both start not to care
I am fighting not to care!
Laughs that are not skin felt,
But don’t get the cycle confused
You were the laugh to my laugh
Don’t get confused if I don’t laugh anymore to your concealed humor.
It is a lost friendship,
Lost to silly tales and false contexts
An explosive South felt courteous gesture…
Like a sunny felt tan in the winter cold.


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