“We can still be friends”

stillYou shoot me through the heart with the same words from a dream I had the other night,

You say I do not use my speech but that’s only because I don’t share much,

From where you stand I look like the villain

But see in my eyes things are messy and beautiful

extremely magnified therefore at times scary,

See I never used to be like this but love past ruined me,

Where I think am being cautious, am being guarded,

You said you loved me two weeks ago and I didn’t say it back, I know!

But how can you love that is so quick to leave,

A love with no patience or trust,

So a month and a half later you have gone weary,

You packed up your heart and left me dazed,

Your figure; a small blur now as you walk further away from me and back to last year’s love,

How you find your way back to her easily without finishing ours is but a contradiction,

But never the less somewhat of an inevitable,

Colliding fusion of understanding and dismay,

I ask myself what is wrong with me?

But with peace of mind and undiscovered soulful satisfaction,

When you hit me with the “We can still me friends” phrase

I laughed knowing that will never be.


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