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    Anyone who has watched “struck by lightning” knows that this movie was made for the writers club. Carson Phillips acted by Chris Colfer was an outspoken, overly ambitious, sarcastic and blunt high school boy with a joke for parents; his absent estranged dad who left his depressed and overly medicated mum for a younger old copy of her. This movie is mostly based on his love for writing and his dream of leaving his home town to become a big shot writer. Sadly however, this never happens because he is struck by lightning and dies a quick and an unexplained death.
    This is not about the movie though; it is about the essence of my love for writing. I remember how my love for writing began; I have always been a reader and this started out in my primary school. Every Friday we got to borrow a book/ novel from the library and we were allowed to have it for a week and later told to write a summery about the book and the moral of the story. The book I first fell in love with was Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I was never the same after Jane Eyre, the way she (Charlotte Bronte) wrote inspired me; for the first time I fell in love with words and storytelling. There are a few who have dared to write as good as her e.g. Nathaniel Hawthorne who did an amazing job with “The Scarlet Letter” and “The Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott. These novels woke up a nerve in me that I didn’t know existed. You know how people always say music heals their soul? That used to work for me back in my teenage years, but now all I need is a paper and pen. Jotting down whatever comes to my head has become somewhat of a realisation. Many never acknowledge writers and how they play a huge role in today’s society. Without writers there would be no readers; it’s like in the movies, it can never work without the extras. No one ever does acknowledge them but imagine a movie without extras!!
    I love writing, I love the adrenalin it gives me, the way emotions become words and stories are lived through the reader; a place/person coming to life by just the description the writer gives the reader. It is an adventure of the mind, a high of some sort; the best trip ever. I cannot fully describe my love for writing because I feel it is unexplainable; any writer of any sort understands what I mean.
    So here is to the writers club, let your words touch hearts of the gamers who opt for video games instead of a book and to the cyber freaks who rather stay on the internet and watch movies instead of reading the book first. Writers are the new super humans of today people, get with the program… Come on to the other side.😈


One thought on “Writers Club

  1. Wyneebon..Jane Eyre is one of those special pieces for me too,it has followed me most of my days from primo to Olevel to Alevel and its the strangest thing because Jane is a very relatable character.Good πŸ‘

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