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How much for your Soul?

Just the other day me and a couple of friends got into somewhat of a debate on how much one will take to sell out his/her believes and principles if or when offered a large amount of money. My friend (let’s call him mark) said he would sell out if it meant getting a tone of money and I of course was on the opposing side saying I would never sell out my believes just for a few bucks. However Mark went to make a point that made me question myself, he bought in the bible. He said if Judas who was one of Jesus’s right hand men and friend had a price?… how can we who never met Jesus or walked with him still hold our morals so tight and not sell out. This got me thinking, he did somewhat have a point. Morals are mainly off springs of believes, culture and religion; Judas got to witness Jesus in action, he got to see all the miracles he made and this grew into believing in him and his father because Jesus was living proof that God did truly exisit. But on a fateful day he was approached by men he knew very well wanted to harm his friend (Jesus) and he still gave into what they had to offer him, a couple of golden coins. It hit me; Mark had a point, wether I wanted to believe it or not most if not every man in today’s generation had a price, and at least Mark admitted it. I have come to terms with the fact that in today’s world anyone has a price for their soul, it is no longer “a man’s world” it is now “Money’s world”. Think about it; most men think that since they have old or even new money they are in control, in control of the people around them and others underneath them but I happen to think it is the other way round, money is in control of man! How you see a man working 9 to 5, hating what he is doing, never taking time off to enjoy the little things in life just for a couple of more zero’s added to his bank statement. In today’s world, man wants power; he longs for it, dreams about it and to most have married the idea of it but for one to have that amount of what I have come to call “super power” they need money! Money is the fuel of it all, so we trade in our morals and principles just for a taste of this power. Don’t get me wrong am all for getting paid but do I have to sell my soul too? Do I have to be blindly enslaved to money?
I love J Cole, and anyone who knows his music knows he spits a lot of sense, his new born sinner album was and still is the truth. He admits to be a born sinner but he makes it know he will die better than that. That line was everything, I think anyone can relate to what he is saying. In all honesty I personally can’t say if I would or would not sell out, only thing I know is no one has given me a price worth my soul yet so am soild… I will keep my soul for now.



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