Small space

Tears kiss my cheeks like wind on spring blooming bulbs

My heart wrenching full of last nights spoken and unspoken thoughts

Words were thrown and taken, blows to the heart

we say we love each other but how can love look like us

we fight constantly over shit that doesn’t even make sense

you say “potato” and i say “potato”

which later turns into “fuck yous” and  “fuck this”

it feels like a kanye west song

Possibly “New Slaves”.. uncoordinated rhythm but still sounds so damn good

I am chained to this uncoordinated love

even when that shit wears me out

Is this how loving you is always going to be

Is this what it means to have a tiring kinda love

Last night you called me a bitch,

And I might have thrown in a “you ain’t worth shit” somewhere between the “I hate you” and me going in on your big lips

I know I shouldn’t have said that but you called me a bitch!!!

morning break and I still feel spent from it all

This is what It has come to…

Long silences and angry bull breathing

laying in bed back to back after t last night’s “venting”

On budget living space has become our only conflict resolution

One of the only reason I love this small living space

While in the bathroom trying to brush my teeth,

you walk in and put toothpaste on your tooth brush

our eyes meet in the mirror and you have on your ‘where’s wally’ boxers

I can’t help but smile at the expression on your face and that breaks the ice

You smile back and I know you didn’t mean whatever you said last night

I look at you and say am sorry…

You smile and say “Thank God for this Small space”



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