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The Great Gatsby


So I just got around to watching “the Great Gatsby”. The book for me is an all time favorite and anyone who is a reader knows to never watch a movie of a classic novel because it is always a big bowl of wrong but yet again anyone who is a reader is always curious. So eight months or so later, here I am 3am blogging about  one of my all time classics…. I just couldn’t go to bed without doing so.

In all honesty as a reader, i was a really pessimistic of the movie. The Jay-Z background music (I am a fan but to me that killed the whole movie genre) and Lana del rey… OH MY GOD, WHY??!!! A little Richard Wanger or Carl Orff – André Rieu wouldn’t have hurt; might be a little cliche but would have been a little more appropriate for a 1925 classic, maybe they were going for an up to day edgy sound but I for one need a classical fiction to stay that way.

Moving on to the movie itself, my heart gave in. Seeing something you read in a book come to life can be both amazing and disappointing, the visual you had can be either a catastrophe or an explosion of the mind. When it came to Gatsby it was a little of both; I love that it was realistic and fictional at the same time, it was like wind on a perfectly sunny day. F. Scott Fitzgerald the writer of the book wrote it with the idea of creating an old school Jazz age which was depicted in the movie. I am an old soul and I loved that this came to life in the movie, the jazz age looking outfits and the parties made me feel like it was really 1925 (regardless of the Jay-Z). The on edge unexpected twists which were not all in the book did somewhat anger me; every reader wants to witness every part of the book when being made into a movie, I however came to a realization and acceptance that that is impossible and will never happen but when it came to the storytelling I still couldn’t help but let a tear roll down my cheek. The love lost in this story left nothing but a trail of disaster and shock waving realizations. Jay Gatsby’s love for Daisy was unfortunate and very sad, he loved her since the day he met her; a penniless war veteran who wanted nothing more in this world than greatness and acknowledgement while daisy came from a prompt rich family. And how one kiss five years ago changed everything for Gatsby, he had to make a name for himself before wedding daisy and she could not wait. Five years later while Daisy’s life moved no; she is now married to a pompous cheating underachieved man, Gatsby has inherited a large sum of money and wants to get Daisy back; to him time has not moved and he still thinks daisy is still his. A tale of how time and money got in the way and made a tragedy of what used to be love. The twisted turn of events and how daisy ended up being a cowardly whore who hid under cheating husband’s trousers landing Gatsby dead but not alone. His only loyal companion Nicholas “Nick” Carraway the first person narrator leaved to tell his story, the legend that was “The Great Gatsby”

This story is a tale of Love, betrayal, loyalty, deceit, passion, ambition, dedication, motivation, childhood, hate and most of all true friendship. I love it; be it a novel or a movie, it is a great teacher and a fantastic read.


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