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Lately my astonishment and curiosity of sugar ants has been reignited, I remember when i was a kid i used to always admire their solidarity and unity. I remember following a trail of sugar ants from our kitchen window to the back yard and staying there for hours watching them re-dig blocked ant nests while others seemed to be pilling up what looked like fellow dead ants. I found them so fascinating; the fact that they made their way to the kitchen just to look for food and then made their way back, risking their lives; their dedication and bravery was beyond me. So I decided to be somewhat of a provider to them by feeding them sugar bits and bread crumbles everyday making it easier for them. They did not have to go all the way to the kitchen and back; this made me feel like i was part of their ant colony, part of their family. Fast forwarding to today, we all know how summer gets. All the bees, insects, GODZILLA flies and the sugar ants  come out to play. But the difference between now and then is I am not 12 years old so these ants that are everywhere in my flat are a nuisance and every bone in my body wants to go all angry bird on them but looking at them and analyzing them took me back to my childhood. I started to wonder how these little, irrelevant, harmless beings with not much to offer to the world can be so important. How even when you think you have got rid of one, another five pop out from no were; frankly that baffles me and how awful I feel when I kill one and later find one of its own carrying it between it mandibles to their tiny holes. It is completely ridiculous what my fascination has got me doing, shit like looking into funny ants facts…. like really! Here is a fun fact I just found out about ants, anyone who has analysed ants has seen how at times ants look as if they are touching each other; apparently that is their way of talking to each other. Ants produce a chemical called Pheromones, so when they touch each other they exchange this pheromones hereby knowing what the other wants meaning touching each other is the way they talk. Ants also have a scout who sniffs out food scents and is a navigating expert therefore moves in a straight line and its easy for them to find their way back the nest. I could go on, my reignited fascination is talking on a life of its own. These little creatures are an insight on what true workmanship and solidarity is about. I think us humans should pick a leaf or two from these species, maybe then there would be less wars, terrorism and genocides ….maybe we would know the true meaning of peace, just maybe.


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