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The Bridesmaid Dress theory

Bridesmaid theory is a theory I came up with just by looking at how today’s generation has come to view life. A bridesmaid dress has the saddest and shortest story ever told. It is purposely made for one person, it was tailor made, sawed and fitted down for only that one individual, every thread and fabric is used with the sole purpose of one person and when she tried it on and it fit her perfectly like a glove; anticipating the day she will get to show her perfectly fitting dress off to the Al-lowering congregation the night before spent with butterflies playing tag in her stomach it was safe to say she was in love. But how things take a drastic change after the wedding she puts this once loved attribute in a box and under the bed; days go by, months, years and later sends this once loved possession to the charity shop around the corner the dress is put on display; knowing on one will ever come around and love it like its old owner once did, ” it was loved intensely for just one day and later tossed like a Christmas tree” that to me is has become the life we live in. No one really knows the essence of living a bridesmaid’s dress life, everyone thinks that this significant other shit is mean to be like the night before a wedding; exciting and nerve wrecking. No one ever thinks about the day AFTER the wedding. Everyone is quick to jump out of a job/ career, relationship, friendship or agreement once it gets boring and the fire in your belly from the excitement is out, no one ever thinks or come to the realisation that God gives you that hunger in the start and it is up to you to keep feeding it or starve it to the point of evanesce. To say that one hasn’t fallen prey of the bridesmaid dress theory is to say you haven’t faced setbacks in life. I myself am a victim of this theory and am trying to crawl myself out from under the bed that life has put me up under …   27-Dresses-Closet


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