My unborn Daughter


When I have a daughter

She will have my smile, my sense of judgment

Hopefully she won’t have my insomnia though, not forced to have morning conversations with the sleep she didn’t have last night

nor will she have my tendency of not having any sort of filter

She will have her father’s eyes, His witty ways and his sense of humour

She will be brave like Jane of Arc

Smart like that kid from that movie “Matilda”

Empathetic like Diana was even after becoming the Duchess of England

We will be inseparable like Thelma and Louise, without the guns of course and all that other extra shit

She will be the Bonnie to my Clyde

I will try not to be that embarrassing, clingy mum but I can’t make any promises

I will teach her what I learnt from my mother

I will encourage her to be a dreamer but not the peter pan kind

I will encourage her to ask questions; nothing wrong with not knowing and wanting to know more

I will tell her what I know about life… I will tell her how it is a never ending colouring book, heck am still colouring mine

I will teach her to be giving but still selfish to a certain level

I will tell her, “Child love but don’t love him, or him and please not that boy with the saggy pants and piercings”

I will be there for of her firsts… but hopefully not ALL!!

I will help her get up after that first fall from love lost

I will teach her to value her principles and never to sacrifice your believes just to impress others

I will teach her to love herself first… After me of course

I will encourage her to chase her dreams to the ends of the earth and back

We will travel together; go to Rome and kiss the soil on which Spartacus fell, a noble man who believed in his principles and fought for them

Then go to Paris and fall in love with chocolate croissants even if we have them at Starbucks

I will scold her when she is in the wrong and will certainly not give her something she has not earned

I won’t fill her life with expectations but I will encourage her to expect more in life

She will be my Best friend and I hers

She won’t be as headstrong as I am but won’t be soft either

She will be my baby girl,

The best me that I could ever ask for

Am already proud of her

Oh how I CAN’T wait to meet you


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