My thoughts


Days like these just drown my soul
It’s like trying to screaming under water
Prisoner of my own mind, my own thoughts
A dark pursuit trying to win me over
Fighting it like Spartacus on the soils of Rome
Trying to sort my thoughts but they are still playing cat and mouse with me
Racing through my head like cattle on grazing fields being chased by the keeper
Trying to trap them and tame them but taming a lion is not possible with a stick as a weapon
So I try the silver sword but it too needs a trained swords man
So instead of fighting the thoughts that imprison me, I sit back and let them play out
They dance from tangle to salas to the waltz and finally end up dancing to my self made tune
And here they settle down to my beat, my salience, my sanity, my control, my way, my thoughts
Oh Days like these!!…. Didn’t I tell you that you  don’t stand a chance.


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